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Women's Healing Through Writing Group

Are you interested in writing for personal growth and healing?


In this group members will have the opportunity to use writing, in various ways, as a tool to heal emotional and physical wounds that are an inevitable part of life, and of your personal story. Sharing our stories not only heals, but can transform our lives. 


Self-expression in the form of writing is a way to find, claim and speak one's voice. You have a lot to say, but you may not know how to say it, or feel safe giving voice to your true feelings. When people come together to share in a personal way, strong bonds of support can form and this is an important part of how we heal. In addition, the rewards of writing in a group can be interesting, enjoyable and add to your confidence about your ability to be creative. NO critiquing happens in these groups.

Clinical Psychologist and Author of “Lost In the Reflecting Pool,” Dr. Diane Pomerantz will be leading the group. 

"I provide my expertise as a clinician and as a writer to assist you in opening up your creativity. I also work to keep the process safe. Privacy and confidentiality are an important part of safety."




Spaces are limited.


Contact Dr. Pomerantz at 443-602-1194 or email if interested.

Dr. Pomerantz will meet with all participants prior to the group starting to ensure it will be a good match for you.


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